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Top 5 of 2017: Best Pennsylvania Dry Fly Fishing

2017’s Best Pennsylvania Dry Fly Fishing at Trout Haven We’ve had one week to settle in to 2018, and so far many of us are shoveling snow while trying not to freeze. These glum winter days have me dreaming of warmer brighter days on my favorite streams. Days when thick hatches provide the best Pennsylvania…

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Fishing Terrestrial Dry Flies on Spruce Creek

Huge Trout on Terrestrial Dry Flies Between the Hatches Many of us anglers became hooked on fly fishing after our first trout caught on a dry fly. There’s something magical about recognizing what the fish are rising to, matching the hatch, and earning success. Anglers often overlook the effectiveness of terrestrial dry flies in the warmer…

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Sneak Peak: Spruce Creek May 2017 Fly Fishing

Prime Time: Spruce Creek May 2017 Fly Fishing Spring is barely more than one week away and with it comes some our favorite hatches: BWO’s, Quills, Caddis, Sulphurs, Drakes. Let’s not forget that the higher waters of spring often mean awesome streamer fishing as well. May is one of, if not number one, our favorite months to go fly…

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Dry Fly in November?

      That’s right… yesterday was mostly sunny with air temperatures around 53°F.   There were no fish rising, and very few small bugs coming off the surface.     On water like this I usually start with a prospecting dry-dropper rig.  Trout Haven’s Madam X proved to be an effective dry fly once…

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Best Dry Fly Fishing

A Great Late-season Caddis Pattern   Dry fly fishing is, for me, the pinnacle of fly fishing – the most exciting and addicting form of the sport.  As the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, the window of opportunity to catch a trout on the dry fly shrinks and shrinks.  The pumpkin caddis has all…

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