Small Stream PA Guided Fly Fishing Trip

Dry Fly Paradise

Looking for a stream where you can find solitude and willing trout that take dry flies all day long? This is it! Trout Haven has found a "secret" small stream in the greater Lehigh Valley area, where healthy wild browns are abundant and brook trout are not uncommon.

This "secret" small stream hosts an incredible population of wild trout in the 6" - 14" range. You will find several eager fish in every pool, waiting to pounce on your dry fly.

This is a very special and rare place. Due to this small stream's location and quality, Trout Haven will not release the name. You must join us for a small stream PA guided fly fishing trip to learn of its location.

Wilderness Close to Home

"Secret Creek" is the perfect place for those who love solitude & dry flies
  • Consistent and productive dry fly fishing
  • Abundance of wild brown trout
  • Pocket water, plunge pools, riffles, & runs
  • Miles of stream to explore
  • Public parking, 20 minute walk to stream

Small stream tactics

Here's what to expect when you book a small stream PA guided fly fishing trip with Trout Haven:

Matching the Hatch

This "secret" small stream is an unbelievable bug factory! On some days, you will encounter 2 or more major hatches, often overlapping. This is a great stream for learning when to target a specific hatch during multiple hatches.

Reading Water & Positioning

Trout Haven's "secret" small stream trip will help you understand how to read the water and structures, and where to position yourself when fishing. You'll also learn how and where to position your rod in relationship to the flies, for the so-called "dapping" dry fly method.

Bow & Arrow Casting

During your trip you'll have the opportunity to practice "bow & arrow" casting, if you'd like to try it. You'll learn the dynamics and execution of the cast, and how to improve your accuracy with the technique.

Small Stream PA Guided Fly Fishing Trips

Half-Day: $325

Half-day trips are 5 hours long, usually 11am - 4pm.
For two anglers, pricing is $400 total.

Full Day: $425

Full-day trips are 8 hours long, usually 10am - 6pm.
For two anglers, pricing is $500 total


We will meet at the Dollar General in Lehighton, PA and then drive over to the stream. Be prepared for a 20 minute walk to the stream.

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