Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is Spruce Creek?

We are located in the town of "Spruce Creek, PA" just a few miles up the road from the local fly shop, Spruce Creek Outfitters.

For GPS and driving purposes, here's the address of the fly shop: 4910 Spruce Creek Road, Spruce Creek, PA 16683.

What should I bring with me to Spruce Creek?

You will need the following:

Fly Rod(s)


Waders and Wading Boots

Sunglasses (Polarized)

Leaders (Two 9' 4x)

Tippet (2x-6x)

Strike Indicators

Fly Fishing Vest

Flies and Fly Boxes

Fly Floatant






You may also wish to bring:

Brimmed Hat


Camera with plenty of memory


Fly Line Cleaner



Insect Repellent


Earplugs (some anglers snore loudly)


Fish Stories

Current Jokes


What dates are available for Spruce Creek, PA?

We operate on first come first served basis and are accepting 2020 booking reservations - check our Spruce Creek page for available dates.

For additional dates that are not listed on our schedule, please contact us. Please note that in order to reserve additional dates, you must book as a group of 4 anglers minimum.

Will I fish with a guide the whole time on Spruce Creek?

No, on our Spruce Creek trips you have the freedom to explore the water on your own whenever you please. Each guest receives individual guiding on a limited basis according to the duration of your trip, the number of guests, and your personal preference (some anglers prefer solitude).

Will I fish with a guide the whole time in Missoula, Montana?

Yes, the Missoula trip includes one guide per boat and each boat contains two anglers.

Do I need to bring waders to Spruce Creek?

Waders are not absolutely necessary but some pools are best approached from within the water. For Fairbrook Mansion bookings, waders are not required. For Hemlock Lodge bookings, we recommend bringing waders or hip boots, especially in the cooler months.

With that being said, you can effectively fish from shore for about 75% of the pools at Hemlock Lodge. You'll need to get into the water in order to have a good drift for the other 25%. We have several clients who prefer to stay out of the water, and they still catch plenty of fish.

Which meals are included at Spruce Creek?

Breakfasts, Lunches, & Dinners are all included during our trip hours:

Breakfasts - Eggs cooked to order, fresh fruit, bacon, sausages, yogurt, toast, bagels, jams, butter, etc.

Lunches - Deli sandwiches with your choice of bread, cold cuts, cheeses, lettuce, tomatoes, condiments, pickles, chips, etc.

Dinners - Menu varies but will consist of a gourmet meat entree (e.g. flame-grilled beef tenderloin) plus several side dishes and a salad.  Click here to view an example of our seasonal dinner menu.

Drinks - Coke, Diet Coke, Organic Lemonade, Orange Juice, water, beer, and wine are provided. The kitchen is always open, self-serve open bar. You may bring any specialty drinks that you desire, or contact me ahead of time to place your order.

Do I need a Pennsylvania fishing license?

Yes. Pennsylvania fishing licenses may be purchased and printed online here.

Please do this ahead of time; the fly shop does not sell licenses.

How many people fish Spruce Creek?

You will be fishing on strictly private water.  According to the Fish and Boat Commission of PA, 90% of Spruce Creek is private water (about 6.3 miles out of 7 miles total).  The only other fishermen you will see are those in your group.  There is enough water for a group of six to have individual solitude if they wish.  Limited fishing pressure means big, healthy trout eager to take your fly!

How big are the trout at Spruce Creek?

Spruce Creek is an exceptional fishery and it is well-maintained.  The insect life is abundant, the pools deep and numerous.  Cold underground springs keep the waters cool and flowing year-round.  

Most groups hook and land several fish in the 16"-20" range, a handful of fish over 20", and a few special fish in the 24"-30" range.  Some of these huge trout will take a dry fly - a truly remarkable experience!

Are there wild trout in Spruce Creek?

Yes. Spruce Creek is a "Class A Wild Trout Water" according to the Fish and Boat Commission of PA.  In the words of Robert F. Carline who published a study on the trout populations in Spruce Creek, "Wild brown trout dominate the fish community."

How much does a Spruce Creek trip cost?

Our pricing at Trout Haven is very competitive and we offer three vacation packages to suite your needs. Best of all, Spruce Creek is an easy drive from most major metropolitan areas in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions - no airfare and no hassles with luggage!

Visit our Spruce Creek webpage to see our current pricing information.

Can I come to Spruce Creek for just a day trip?

The minimum stay is our 24-hour Explorer Package which includes one night. The Explorer Package is the minimum price; if you wish to come for daytime hours only, the cost is the same.

For daytime wading trips, check out our webpage for Pennsylvania guided fly fishing day trips.

What is the difference between the standard rate and the single occupancy rate at Spruce Creek?

There are 4 bedrooms in Hemlock Lodge, and each bedroom has two queen beds and a private bathroom.

The standard rate guarantees you a private bed, but does not guarantee you a private bedroom. Many anglers choose to come with a buddy so that they can share one bedroom and save some money.

The single occupancy rate guarantees you a private bedroom and bathroom. Your room will have two queen beds, and both are yours. You will be charged $75 per night in addition to the standard rate.

You are not required to purchase single occupancy, even if you come alone. We host anywhere from 4 to a maximum of 6 people on one trip. You will end up with a private room if only 4 people come on our trip; but if 6 people come, then we can only guarantee single occupancy to those who have paid the single occupancy rate.

Do I need to bring waders on the Missoula trip?


For drift boats:


On the drift boats, you can stay 100% dry without waders. On the inflatable heavy-duty rafts, your feet might get wet if you're not wearing waders or water-proof boots.

We can't guarantee whether you'll be fishing from a boat or raft because that depends on water flow and your guide's discretion. If you'd rather not bring waders, you might want to at least bring a good pair of water-proof or water-resistant boots instead.

If you decide that you must have waders, you can go through a good wader rental company in Montana:

For the "Fishing Buddy" wade trips:

Yes. We strongly recommend using waders with cleats on the boots to manage the slippery rocks. We also recommend a wading staff.

You can rent waders through a good company in Montana:

Do I need a Montana fishing license on the Missoula trip?

Yes. Montana fishing licenses are required and your guide is required to take a picture of your license before you begin fishing. Montana is very strict about this - do not forget to print your license ahead of time! You must purchase and print your license online here.

Please do this ahead of time; we do not sell or print licenses at the lodge.

What is Trout Haven's policy for deposits and cancellations?

We require a 50% deposit to reserve your trip. This deposit is non-refundable.

The remaining fare of 50% is due 30 days prior to the date of our trip. The fare is non-refundable within 30 calendar days prior to the date of our trip.

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