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Tribute to a Delaware Tributary

Bigger Trout in Smaller Streams   Allow me to pay tribute to my favorite tributary to the Delaware River. ┬áIt’s small to medium sized, runs clear and cold, and often holds hog browns. Some of these beautiful browns are wild, some are stocked holdovers, and all of them move up into this tributary for its…

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Spruce Creek April 2016

Monster Trout on the Season Opener   Wow! I’m always blown away by the number of huge healthy trout at Spruce Creek. This year is off to a fantastic start… My guys hauled in over a dozen fish that were 20+ inches long! The biggest was a brute 25″ rainbow landed by Ken Tanaka of…

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Fly Fishing Streamers

Double Streamer Rigs & Tippet Rings As with all aspects of fly fishing, there are dozens of theories on how to properly fish with streamers. How big? How much weight? Short strips? Fish down and across? What kind of fly line should you use? Those decisions are yours to make, but I will suggest a…

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