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August Fly Fishing on Spruce Creek

Big Dries, Tiny Dries, and Streamer Flies All over the county the Tricos are hatching and Spruce Creek is no exception. It’s an exciting hatch to witness as swarms of tiny insects congregate in the air. First the birds begin to gorge themselves, and soon the trout will join them. It can also be a…

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Delaware River Fly Fishing

Beat the Heat on Tailwater Streams: As I dipped the thermometer into the river, I kept my eyes focused on the surface – focused on the isonychias, midges, and sulphurs littering the water, and the big browns feasting on them. The reading was 54 degrees Fahrenheit. Stand waist deep in these waters and you’ll soon…

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Late Summer Pennsylvania Fly Fishing – Spruce Creek

The Trico Hatch is ON! Welcome to August – tiny flies, terrestrials, and early morning streamer fishing are the themes of the month. Trout Haven had an absolutely phenomenal trip to Spruce Creek over the weekend! We were very fortunate to catch the first major trico hatches of the season. The swarms were everywhere and…

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