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Spruce Creek Fly Fishing

5 Reasons why Spruce Creek is PA’s top fly fishing destination:   5. Intelligent Maintenance  Some streams are so neglected that they are almost impossible to fish (unless you enjoy hooking branches every other cast). The stewards of Spruce Creek are themselves expert fly fishermen – they know what keeps trout healthy and what makes…

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Best Winter Fly Patterns

Part One: The Leggy Stonefly    The doyens of winter fly fishing often say that tiny midge patterns are the rule of thumb.  Yes, they work; but let’s acknowledge that many of us have difficulty using size 24 flies.  They are hard enough to see, and more difficult to tie on.  Here’s a leggy stonefly pattern…

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Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks II

Ingenious Innovations in Fly Fishing from Fly Fishing Innovators: Part Two: The Strike Doctor   One of the most effective ways to scout new water is to fish with a dry-dropper rig.  The rig allows you to fish in two important feeding zones, doubling your chances of hooking up and covering more water in less…

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Fly Fishing Tips and Tricks

Ingenious Innovations in Fly Fishing from Fly Fishing Innovators: Part One: Redi-Droppers   Tying a dropper rig to the hook bend of one or more flies is commonplace in fly fishing.  Hopper-Dropper, Double Nymph Rig, Dry-Wet combo, we all know the benefits of offering trout two flies from which to choose. Tying a knot to…

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Fly Fishing Lodges in Pennsylvania

3 Reasons Why Hemlock Lodge at Spruce Creek is Outstanding      3. On-Stream Location Enjoy the convenience of proximity; Hemlock Lodge is literally steps away from Spruce Creek. There is no need to drive a car or ride a boat to the best pools.  Trout Haven puts anglers on to countless HUGE trout within sight…

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