Best Dry Fly Fishing

A Great Late-season Caddis Pattern


Dry fly fishing is, for me, the pinnacle of fly fishing – the most exciting and addicting form of the sport.  As the leaves fall and the temperatures drop, the window of opportunity to catch a trout on the dry fly shrinks and shrinks.  The pumpkin caddis has all but vanished for the season on Spruce Creek, the BWO hatch is increasingly sparse, but a smaller less colorful caddis is filling the void. Below are two pictures of a great pattern for fooling any trout sipping on these tiny caddis:


IMG_20151031_103420 IMG_20151031_103221


The Body: One CDC feather wrapped, tan & gray are good choices

Wings: Elk Hair

Hackle: Standard Grizzly Hackle

Size: 18, 20


All of the wild browns pictured in my previous post were caught on this pattern, as was this 21″ beauty below:



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