Late Summer Pennsylvania Fly Fishing – Spruce Creek

The Trico Hatch is ON!

Welcome to August – tiny flies, terrestrials, and early morning streamer fishing are the themes of the month. Trout Haven had an absolutely phenomenal trip to Spruce Creek over the weekend! We were very fortunate to catch the first major trico hatches of the season. The swarms were everywhere and the creek looked as though it was boiling – rises, rises, and more rises.

Check out this on-stream clip to see what I mean:


On a good cloudy day, the trico hatch might last for 3 hours. The great thing about August is that once the hatch is over, the terrestrial fishing can be just as productive for the rest of day. Small hare’s ear nymphs are also producing very well this time of year.




Spruce Creek never seems to disappoint when it comes to early morning streamer fishing. Spring, summer, fall… the big browns love to prey on easy targets at the break of dawn.



When there are no active hatches going on, fish a large black ant or adams dry with either a wet or nymph dropper. Some trout will take the dry and others will take the dropper, and once in a blue moon you’ll land two fish with one cast:


Late Summer/September is a favorite time of year among many Spruce Creek anglers. Tricos, isonychias, excellent terrestrial fishing… what’s not to like? There are only a few open dates left in this time frame – don’t miss your chance to fish Spruce Creek during prime time. Click here to learn more about Trout Haven’s trips to Spruce Creek.