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Best Brook Trout of 2015

The Biggest and Most Vibrant Brookies of 2015:   As 2015 is coming to an end, Trout Haven is reminiscing about the superb fly fishing gifted unto us this season.  We’ve caught some impressive brown trout and we’ve caught rainbow trout behemoths… A big “thank you” to those who posted pictures of monster rainbows on Trout Haven’s facebook page.…

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Spruce Creek

3 Reasons You Need to Fish Spruce Creek!   Visit our Spruce Creek webpage to reserve your trip to Spruce Creek! Or you can click here. 1. Catch Huge Trout!       2. Hemlock Lodge is Awesome!       3. Spruce Creek is Loaded with Trout!     Spruce Creek is teeming with…

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Best Fly Fishing Lodges

3 Features of the Ideal Fly Fishing Lodge   1. Luxurious and Logical Accommodations: After a good day of fishing, anglers enjoy relaxing on a beautiful porch overlooking the pristine waters of their quarry, perhaps with a scotch in one hand and a cigar in the other. Before relaxing on the porch, anglers want a…

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