Best Fly Fishing Lodges

3 Features of the Ideal Fly Fishing Lodge


1. Luxurious and Logical Accommodations:

After a good day of fishing, anglers enjoy relaxing on a beautiful porch overlooking the pristine waters of their quarry, perhaps with a scotch in one hand and a cigar in the other. Before relaxing on the porch, anglers want a convenient place to wash the mud off their boots, and custom-built racks on which to hang their equipment. Hemlock Lodge provides all of this within a few steps of Spruce Creek.



2. Privacy

While it is great to have common space for anglers to unwind and tell tall tales of the days catch, it is also important for each angler to have a private bath and bedroom where he or she can fall asleep to the sounds of the creek. Beautiful clean new rooms, comfortable beds, and private bathrooms await you at Hemlock Lodge:



3. Proximity

Some fly fishing lodges are a short drive or boat ride from their destination waters, some are right on the river but far from the best pools and biggest fish. Not so with Hemlock Lodge, which is literally steps away from Spruce Creek. Several trout over 20 inches long have been landed within sight of the lodge.


Luxurious and logical accommodations, privacy when desired, and proximity to big trout are all qualities that make Hemlock Lodge on Spruce Creek the ideal fly fishing lodge.  Book a trip today!