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Missoula MT Fall Fly Fishing 2019

  Missoula MT Fall Fly Fishing 2019 I have an obsession: fly fishing in western Montana. There are seemingly countless creeks, streams, and rivers to fish and they all host wild trout. In fact, I found my favorite creek by accident – it flowed a few hundred yards away from the house I was renting. I…

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Missoula MT Fly Fishing Hosted Trip 2019 | Trout Haven

Missoula MT Fly Fishing Hosted Trip 2019 We are pleased to report that Trout Haven’s inaugural Missoula MT fly fishing hosted trip was fantastic! You can never predict the seasons to perfection; but we really lucked out with the river flows, the weather, and the fishing on this trip. Early to Mid July can be very rewarding…

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5 Reasons Missoula MT Trout Fishing is so Special

What Makes Missoula MT Trout Fishing so Special? Perhaps you’ve been to Montana yourself, or your friend just returned with fond memories, or it’s a trip you’ve always wanted to check off your bucket list. There’s something alluring about the open terrain, the crisp air, and the timeless wild beauty of western Montana. After wading in…

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