5 Tips for Monster Trout this Fall

Hook a Hog this Autumn:

There seems to be something about the change in seasons that brings big trout out of the woodwork. Fall and spring offer the best opportunities to catch multiple hogs on any given outing. Be aware that fall is also spawning season; do your best to avoid disturbing any redds and their occupying fish. Here are 5 tips to help you catch big trout on your next fall fishing adventure…

5. Double Streamer Rigs

Fish two relatively small streamers in a tandem rig, trout go crazy for it. Check out Trout Haven’s April blog post, “Fly Fishing Streamers” for more info on the tandem rig and how to fish it.


4. Big Isonychias

On many streams and creeks, the isonychia hatches are sporadic. They might hatch in isolated pockets, and multiple times per day. This means that trout will sometimes jump on the chance to eat the rare treat. One of my favorite autumn fishing setups is a dry-dropper rig with an iso on top and a BWO nymph below.

3. “Trout Candy”

It’s called “candy” for a reason. Egg patterns do especially well in the fall because many of the non-spawning fish are eager to eat the stray morsels drifting downstream from spawning fish. Fly fishing with egg patterns might not be every angler’s favorite method, but I will admit that you are “matching the hatch” in some sense.


2. Articulated Streamers

How big is too big when it comes to articulated streamers? If you can cast it, then you can fish it. Articulated streamers have life-like action and will often convince even the sagest of big browns to strike. When possible, I like to fish big streamers down and across with very abrupt and short strips.


1. BWO Nymphs

And not just any BWO nymphs… Trout Haven ties in a small yellow stripe on the thorax of our BWO nymphs. The subtle difference emulates the very beginnings of a nymph’s emergent stage. It also distinguishes your fly from the dozens of naturals drifting downstream. The BWO nymph is a consistent producer and deadly in the fall months.

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