Spruce Creek – A Busman’s Holiday

Hogs, Brutes, and Behemoths

I’m nearly speechless – dumbfounded by the number of monster fish that we caught at Spruce Creek the past few days. Every year I take a busman’s holiday and fish Spruce Creek with family and friends.

This year we arrived to a creek that was high and muddy, and I was drooling from the prospect of fishing streamers all day long. It seemed like there was a 20+ inch beast willing to strike a streamer every 15 feet of creek.



Every fish pictured here is a different fish. Most were caught on streamers, but we also did well with pheasant tails and sulphur dries in the evenings.

sprucecreek5-2016-6_20160524_223214IMG_2448sprucecreek5-2016-4sprucecreek5-2016-3DSC_1100 (1)sprucecreek5-2016-5sprucecreek5-2016-1DSC_1112



And finally, the monster that broke my rod when I struck into him… Still landed him! I wear a size 11 boot, for your reference.



Wow! The fishing was unbelievable with so many hogs lurking under every bank and in every pool. If you haven’t booked a trip yet this year, get on it! You won’t experience fishing like this anywhere else. Our next trip coming up is June 24 – 26 and there are only a few openings left.

Book your trip to Spruce Creek today!

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