Tribute to a Delaware Tributary

Bigger Trout in Smaller Streams


Allow me to pay tribute to my favorite tributary to the Delaware River.  It’s small to medium sized, runs clear and cold, and often holds hog browns. Some of these beautiful browns are wild, some are stocked holdovers, and all of them move up into this tributary for its abundance of food and comfortable temperatures.


Tributaries are often overlooked by anglers who would rather fish the main steam at the junction of the two.  These junctions provide great holding locations for trout, but it is not uncommon for larger predatory trout to move further upstream in the tributary to search for dace and small trout. Sometimes they decide to stick around and get fat…


The Quill Gordons have been hatching like crazy as the warmer spring weather sweeps into full force. It took a few days of warm weather before the trout began targeting the dry flies on this tributary, but once they started the dry fly fishing was awesome!


In many ways this Delaware tributary reminds me of Spruce Creek… Smaller setting, more technical fishing, and big trout! I wouldn’t dare name this tributary online, or even the county in which it flows.  You’ll have to fish with me to learn of this spot…


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