Central Massachusetts Fly Fishing

Part 2: Westfield River, East Branch


The East Branch of the Westfield is a spectacular destination regardless of the superb fly fishing it hosts.  The Chesterfield Gorge section consists of enormous rock cliffs cut steeply by this raging freestone stream.  Downstream of the gorge a 9 mile stretch of catch-and-release fishing awaits you, all year round.


Westfield River Boulders Pool IMG_1336



Pictures of this river give no justice to the truly magnificent scenery – you could spend a day fishing here and forget to cast.  However, I would recommend casting because this river produces beautiful browns and brookies (some wild) and stocked rainbow trout.


Autumn RainbowDSCN1978


My favorite aspect of this river is the kind of fly fishing it offers.  Some anglers come here to Czech nymph, some swing wet flies, some use heavy nymphs in fast water, some wooly bugger addicts do their thing, etc.  For me, the most productive fishing (and most fun) is casting “stimulator” dry flies.  Trout Haven’s Madam X is deadly on the Westfield in the warmer months.  Stoneflies litter the rocks and the Madam X has proven itself time and again.  There’s nothing quite like casting a dry into undisturbed water with no visible activity and then watching trout crush it.  Double digit days are common on this beautiful river.


IMG_1340Brookie (2)





Access to the river is easy; there is a dirt road called River Rd that basically parallels the river for the entirety of the catch-and-release section.  After about 2 miles of dirt road, a gate blocks cars from driving any further but you can walk as far as you wish.


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