Best Fly Fishing in the Northeast

My top 3 fly fishing destinations in the Northeastern United States:



3. Westfield River, MA

My favorite section of this river is the East Branch catch and release section.  It’s about 9 miles long beginning at the huge and beautiful Chesterfield Gorge and running downstream (south) to the Knightville Dam.  Many anglers love the scenery and solitude provided by this river – catching trout is just a bonus.  Healthy populations of brookies, browns, and rainbows can be found in this paradise.

DSCN1968Westfield River Boulders Pool


2. Delaware River system in New York

The East Branch is, again, my favorite stretch of this river.  Unlike the Westfield River in MA, the East Branch of the Delaware River is a tailwater fishery – water temperatures rarely deviate from the range of 40-55 degrees Fahrenheit.  You will find mostly brown trout here, and lots of them.  Much of the population is wild, stream-born fish that can be very picky about which flies they take.  I like wading this river in some choice locations, but drift boat trips can also be productive.


1. Spruce Creek, PA

Spruce Creek is the finest fishery I have ever encountered.  Our pictures are just a small taste of the huge, feisty, healthy trout that inhabit this amazing creek.  For more information on why Spruce Creek is such a great fishery, click here.



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