PA Fall Fly Fishing and Recent Highlights

PA Fall Fly Fishing: Welcome to September


PA Fall Fly Fishing spruce creek trout haven rainbow trout Chubby Chernobyl

Eddie’s big ‘bow caught on a size 8 Chernobyl Ant

As August fades into September we can look forward to big trout and vibrant colors. We were fortunate to receive ample rains over the summer, keeping the waters of Central PA cool and flowing. This points towards a productive PA fall fly fishing season as the big breeding fish move around in preparation for the spawn. In addition to beetles and black ants, this year we are seeing outstanding dry fly action with large terrestrial patterns. I suspect that the good water levels and flow have much to do with this.


An Exciting Prediction for PA Fall Fly Fishing

Typical late summer fly fishing in central PA  involves plenty of terrestrial patterns. Some years, smaller patterns produce more fish. This year, however, we’ve seen outstanding action on large (size 8) attractor dry flies such as the Chernobyl ant. With the water levels where they are, I predict that the trout will continue taking large terrestrials well into October.

PA Fall Fly Fishing spruce creek trout haven brown trout Chubby ChernobylPA Fall Fly Fishing spruce creek trout haven brown trout Chubby Chernobyl

Don’t Forget Isonychias!

If attractor dry flies aren’t to your liking, then slate drakes are a must for PA fall fly fishing. They typically hatch in sporadic fashion so don’t be afraid to make prospecting casts where no fish are rising. You can increase your chances with a dry-dropper rig, placing an olive WD-40 nymph or BWO nymph below your size 12 slate drake.

Solar Eclipse Spruce Creek August 21

The Solar Eclipse on Spruce Creek August 21, 2017

October Openings on Spruce Creek

You have a great opportunity for awesome PA fall fly fishing on Spruce Creek this October. Right now Trout Haven is taking reservations for groups of 2 – 6 anglers. Preference will be given to those who inquire first, and to those with 4 or more in their group. Click this link to inquire about Spruce Creek PA guided fly fishing trips with Trout Haven.