April & Trout Season 2016

5 Reasons Why April is Prime Time on Spruce Creek

Spring is right around the corner… Can you believe it? April is an exciting month to fish Spruce Creek and now is the time to plan your spring trip.


5. Good Water Flow

Water levels are typically higher in spring than in the summer and autumn months. Higher water levels usually means more color in the water, which is more conducive to disguising the angler’s presence.  Bottom line: you’ll have an easier time catching more fish.


4. No Competition


In April, the excitement of fishing season causes everybody and their uncles to leap on every opportunity to fish. The crowds are sometimes so unbearable that it can ruin your day’s experience.

All year round, when you fish with Trout Haven on Spruce Creek, you and your group will see ZERO other fishermen. We fish on private water, and in April it is especially refreshing to fish in peace while other rivers become chaotic.


3. Mild Temperatures

Spruce Creek’s water is always cool and comfortable for the trout, thanks to the limestone spring tributary upstream, but the summer air temperatures often push 90 degrees. Add to that waders and fishing gear, and you can overheat quickly. Most years April is very mild, allowing you to be comfortable in your waders and gear all day long.


2. Hatches, Hatches, Hatches…

grannom-type-caddis shutterstock_170532173

When spring beats back winter and the temperatures begin to rise, the insects arrive on cue. April offers the largest, most impressive hatches I have ever seen on Spruce Creek. Blue Quills, Blue Duns, BWO’s, Hendricksons, Red Quills, Grannom Caddis, March Browns, Black Caddis, Green Caddis… The list of hatches is staggering and the trout are eager to eat them all.


1. Excellent Fishing

DSC_0665DSC_0072 copy

April is the most exciting and excellent time to fish Spruce Creek and the 4 previous reasons have much to do with this. When other streams are running high and muddy, Spruce Creek normalizes first and the fish get back into their normal rhythm. The lack of fishing pressure means that the trout are experiencing a more natural environment – rather than a stampede of wading boots and a flurry of fly lines.  Add to that abundant hatches and mild temperatures, and we have a recipe for huge feisty trout on Spruce Creek.


April trips are in high demand. Trout Haven has one Spruce Creek trip remaining in April… Now is the time to book your trip! Click here to learn more about trips to Spruce Creek.