Fly Fishing

3 Tips for Stealthy Fishing



1.  Hide – Keep a large object between your body and the stream. Bear in mind where your shadow is and how it casts.  Anything that obscures the trout’s perception of you will improve your opportunity to catch fish.


You can approach the above pool from where this picture was taken (on the near bank).  That brown trout usually holds right up against the opposite side of the boulder.  I hooked him with only one foot of fly line (attached to a 9′ leader) beyond the tip of the rod.



2.  Sit, Kneel

Reducing the angle between your head and the fish greatly reduces the trout’s ability to notice your presence.  Keep a lower profile, sink into whatever cover is available.





3. Camouflage

Wearing neutral colors will help to disguise you.  Pale greens and tans are good choices.  Besides clothing, use faster and more turbulent water to disguise your profile.  Fast pocket water can block a trout’s line of sight when the angler positions him or herself correctly.

Autumn RainbowDSC_0821


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